Claiming online

Claiming your healthcare costs online through My Menzis

You do not have to send claim forms by mail any more. Just submit them online! What you need is your DigiD and a scanner.

Step 1: My Menzis (in Dutch)

You can submit a claim online from My Menzis. If you have a DigiD, you can log on immediately. You can, for example, do the following in My Menzis 24 hours a day:

Step 2: submitting the claim

Are you logged on to My Menzis? Click "My healthcare costs" in the menu followed by "Submit claim" in the menu on the left. Next, you enter a number of details about the bill and you upload a clearly legible photo or scan of the bill. If you are claiming travelling expenses, also take a legible photo or scan of the appointment card, the travel tickets/invoices and the authorisation that is required to claim travel expenses.
If you want to claim multiple bills in one go, first enter everything for one bill and, next, click "Add bill".

Important: All attachments linked to one claim may not be larger than 2 MB. Scan bills at 300 dpi at most. This will ensure the files are not too large.

Important: foreign bills must be send by mail.

Step 3: checking readability

Check whether your claimed bills can be clearly read. This will ensure that we can process your claim as soon as possible.
Tip: Scan the bill using good quality and, by preference, a resolution of 200 dpi or more (300 dpi at most). It is best not to use the black/white setting.

Step 4: acknowledgement of receipt

Once Menzis has received your claim, you will receive an acknowledgment email. Menzis will process the claim as soon as possible. You will also receive an email when Menzis has actually processed the claim. We strive at processing your claim within 2 weeks. The status of the claim can be followed in "My Claims" in My Menzis.

Viewing claims

You can submit claims for an insured person who is with you on the policy. For example, your partner or your son or daughter. If he or she is 16 or older, you will not be able to view the details in My Menzis. This has been arranged in this way because of privacy legislation. This means that you cannot view any other healthcare costs of this person in My Menzis. This insured person can, however, view his or her healthcare costs in My Menzis.

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