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Healthcare Card

If you have an insurance with us, you can find your Healthcare Card in the Menzis app. You can download the app as soon as you receive your policy. We don't work with physical cards anymore. 

Your Healthcare Card is not sufficient abroad. In EU/EEA countries, Swiss and Australia you have to show an European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) when you need medical care. You can find your EHIC in the Menzis app. If you have a medical emergency abroad, please make sure you contact the Menzis Emergency Centre via  (0031) 317 455 555. You can also find the number in the Menzis app.  

Every healthcare insurance company has a registered UZOVI code (Unieke ZorgVerzekeraarsIdentificatie; Unique Healthcare Insurance Company Identification).  Based on the UZOVI code, the caretaker knows where to send an invoice. Our UZOVI code is 3332.

BSN stands for BurgerServiceNummer (citizen service number). Every person who is registered in the Basisregistratie Personen (BRP; population register) automatically receives a BSN. 

SamenGezond savingsprogramm

We are getting older. That is great news. However, the amount of people with a chronic disease, such as cardiovascular disease and diabates, is increasing. This is often due to our lifestyle. SamenGezond, an initiative of Menzis, is the biggest online health programm in The Netherlands. It helps people to take healthy choices by making them easier and more fun. Everyone can participate. Register and you will receive coaching, tips, blogs and weekly goals via app and e-mail. 

  1. Become a member
  2. Download the free app
  3. Start with your personal goals and track your activities
  4. Earn points and get fit
  5. Order your present in the webshop
SamenGezond (TogetherHealthy) is a free program and available for everyone. 

Mijn Menzis (My Menzis)

You can find the personal details of your health insurance, such as

  • your bills
  • your healthcare costs
  • your insurance
  • your submitted claims
  • the status of your deductible excess
  • the status of your reimbursements 
  • your messages

With My Menzis you can easily 

  • submit a claim
  • request a payment arrangement
  • change your personal details
  • change your insurance

Loggin in on My Menzis is safe. We continually work on the security of your data and our systems. By using DigiD, Menzis follows the Dutch Data Protection Act.

There are 3 ways to login: 

  • with the QR-code in the Menzis app
  • with the DigiD app
  • with DigiD using the extra sms check
Yes, you need a DigiD. If you don't have one, you can apply for a DigiD online

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