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We have drawn up a section with frequently asked questions for you. Feel free to call us if your question is not answered: +31 (0)88 222 40 40.

The Healthcare Card

How do I apply for a new Healthcare Card?

You can very easily request a new Healthcare Card through My Menzis. Does it not work? Please contact the Menzis CareConsultant through +31 (0)88 222 40 40.

What is a UZOVI code?

Every healthcare insurer has its own UZOVI (Unieke ZorgVerzekeraarsIdentificatie; Unique Healthcare Insurer Identification) code. Menzis’ UZOVI code is 3332. On the basis of the UZOVI code, the care provider knows to which healthcare insurer it should send the bill.

What does the abbreviation BSN stand for?

BSN stands for Burgerservicenummer (citizen service number; previously Sofi-nummer (tax and social insurance number)).

How long is my Menzis Healthcare Card valid?

Your Menzis Healthcare Card is valid as long as the data on your Healthcare Card is correct and you are insured with Menzis.

I have moved. Why have I not received a new Healthcare Card?

You only receive a new Healthcare Card if the data on your Healthcare Card changes. Your address is not listed on your Healthcare Card.

Can I use my Healthcare Card abroad as well?

The Healthcare Card is not sufficient abroad. For a temporary stay abroad, it is wise to take along a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) or a 111 form . Always contact the Menzis Emergency Centre if you need fast medical care while abroad. The number (+31 317 455 555) is listed on the back of the Healthcare Card.

SamenGezond savings programme

We do not believe that we are authorities in the area of healthy behaviour. We find it important that our customers and scientists, such as Ivan Wolfers, determine what healthy behaviour is. The saving options currently available in SamenGezond have been included based on the preferences of our customers.
We are happy that you have a healthy lifestyle and you will, naturally, be given points for this. We like to reward healthy behaviour. For example, if you do not smoke, you receive points. If you quit smoking, you also receive points. In addition to a healthy lifestyle, our savings programme stimulates other initiatives for which you can earn points. For example, you receive saving points if you are an organ or blood donor.
We trust that you have filled in questionnaires honestly. We do not check this.
Trusting one another is valuable. But nowadays trust is no longer a matter of course. We would like to contribute to more trust in the Netherlands. With the SamenGezond savings programme, we reward people for healthy behaviour if they themselves indicate that they are living healthily. We are not going to check this. We first trust our customers and only then expect that trust to be returned. And, so far, we have not been disappointed.
New products are available in the webshop regularly. You are informed about this by means of our digital newsletter.
No, there are no charges associated with SamenGezond (TogetherHealthy).

Mijn Menzis (My Menzis)

You can view and change your own insurance data simply and securely with My Menzis. You can also examine and claim your healthcare costs with My Menzis.
Certainly! For example, by using DigiD. With DigiD you can choose for a certain level of security. We are continually working on the security of your data and our systems in other ways as well. By using DigiD, Menzis follows the Dutch Data Protection Act.
Menzis finds DigiD a safe way to log on. Many other healthcare insurers feel the same way. The government has given Menzis permission to use DigiD. This means that DigiD is not reserved only for the Tax Authorities and your municipality. But our data is not coupled to the Tax Authorities or other public services.I do not have a DigiD. Can I still log on to My Menzis?

No, you can only log on with your DigiD. You can apply for a DigiD through

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