Mijn Menzis (My Menzis)

With My Menzis you are in control

You can view and change your own insurance data simply and securely with My Menzis. You can also consult an overview of your healthcare costs. This is what you can do with My Menzis:

  • Claim online.
  • Consult your healthcare costs and excess.
  • View an overview of your claims.
  • Change personal and payment data.
  • Change your Basic Health Insurance and additional insurances.
  • Add family members to your policy or register an individual policy.
  • Change your Basic Health Insurance and additional insurances
  • Give consent for direct debits.
  • Collect points in the online SamenGezond savings programme.

Log on with DigiD

Would you like to make use of My Menzis? You can log on with DigiD, your personal logon code for public authorities’ websites and for organisations that carry out a government task. Do you not have a DigiD yet? You can apply for one on the DigiD website. (in Dutch) Logging on to My Menzis

(in Dutch)

Is logging on to My Menzis secure?

With DigiD you can choose from 3 different levels of security. To log on to My Menzis securely, the basic level is sufficient. You may, of course, choose a higher level of security.

Good to know

  • You can only apply for an account if you (also) have Basic Health Insurance with Menzis.
  • Your account becomes active only at the time that your insurance comes into effect. If your insurance is effective as from 1 January, then you can log on as from 1 January.
  • You cannot view healthcare costs of other insured persons on the policy who are 16 or older. The government has determined this in its privacy legislation. These insured persons can, however, log on to My Menzis themselves.
  • If you live abroad, you cannot apply for a DigiD through DigiD.nl. You can, however, apply at a number of desks in the Netherlands. If you are in receipt of a state pension from the Social Insurance Bank (SVB), you may also apply for a DigiD through the SVB website. Read more about this (In Dutch)

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