Payment in terms

Paying your healthcare premium, excess or personal contribution in terms

You might have a temporary setback and find it difficult to pay for your insurance for a while. It is possible to pay an outstanding invoice in terms.

How does it work

  • Go to My Menzis and apply for a "betalingsregeling aanvragen". Based on the amount that is owed, you will receive a proposal. You may adjust it
  • As soon as we have processed your application, you will receive a confirmation
  • We don't charge administrative costs or interest
Apply for paying in terms

(in Dutch)

Payment in terms

The chart below your monthly payment in relation to the total payment delay.

Premium/excess/personal contribution delay Terms for repayment Amount
€ 50 - € 150 4 months max At least € 25 per month
€ 150 - € 300 6 months max
At least € 25 per month
€ 300 - € 600 8 months max
At least € 50 per month
€ 600 - € 900 10 months max
At least € 75 per month
€ 900 and above 12 months max
At least € 100 per month
Carl was in an accident and was taken to hospital by ambulance. An examination revealed he only had a slight concussion and was discharged the same evening. A month later Carl received an invoice from Menzis. Menzis payed the ambulance and charged Carl € 180 regarding for mandatory excess. Carl wishes to apply for payment in terms. He can pay € 180 over a period of six months at the most. Therefore, he must pay € 30 per month. This amount is in addition to his monthly invoice.
John lost his job two months ago and has not been able to pay the healthcare premium for his family. He owes € 350. he wants to pay the outstanding amount in terms. According to the chart he can pay € 350 over a period of 8 months at the most. Therefor, he must pay € 43,75  per month. John decides to propose to Menzis that he pay € 45 per month. This amount is in addition to the monthly invoice.

Who may apply for payment in terms?

  • The person named on the insurance papers
  • Parents may apply for their children, as long as they live at the same address.
  • Adult children may apply for their aged parents
  • Credit and city banks may apply for their clients

Do you need help regarding late terms with Menzis? The (in Dutch) may be the answer. They can provide you with all kinds of questions regarding health insurance. They can help you with financial problems to regain control of your financial situation.

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