Get a discount for your healthy behaviour

Through our SamenGezond savings programm you earn points you can spend in the webshop on discount or special products related to healthcare. Or you can donate for a good cause.
You can earn points in several ways: for example if you don't smoke, if you fill in in questionnaires regarding your lifestyle or register as a (blood)donor. And by using healthy apps like RunKeeper, the Strava cycling app or the Nature Monuments’ hiking app.


Why SamenGezond?

Menzis wants to stimulate you to lead a healthy lifestyle. If you do so, you will feel better and have more energy. We believe that everyone can contribute to this way of life. SamenGezond is not just for healthy people. There are for example plenty of possiblilties to join for people with a chronical disease. As long as you try. And loyal customers will be rewarded. You will save more points if you stay with us.

Took a look at SamenGezond

We have 4 saving categories: "exercising", "feeling good", "caring for someone else" and "Menzis member".
You can spend your points based on your healthy behaviour, taking care of someone else or by taking cost-saving measures (for example a discount). Check our categories:


  • Fill in a questionnaire about the sports you practice
  • Use RunKeeper
  • Participate in a sportsevent that is sponsored by Menzis
  • Hike or cycle using the Nature Monuments’ hiking app
  • Use RunKeeper
  • Use VirtuaGym’s activity app
  • Upload a photograph of a sports event
  • Cycle with Strava’s ap.
  • Upload a photograph of a bicycle ride or a child playing outdoors
  • Fill in a questionnaire about your lifestyle
  • Your child under 16 visits the dentist twice a year
  • Upload a photograph of your healthy lunch
  • Upload a photograph of your child’s swimming diploma
  • Upload a photograph of your child’s healthy treat
  • Take an online health course such as a children’s first aid or mental fitness course
  • Indicate that you are a caregiver.
  • Indicate that you are a volunteer.
  • Indicate that you are registered as a (blood)donor
  • You receive initial points when you register
  • You receive points for years you have been insured with Menzis and for every year you renew your policy
  • You receive your policy in digital form

Create your own target

The SamenGezond webshop helps you to set a savings target. If you do not have enough points to order a product, you can make this product your saving target. It is easy to see how many points you still need until you can order the product you like.

Registering for SamenGezond

Registering is easy through My Menzis. You can do so if you are 16 and over. Register for SamenGezond

SamenGezond General Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions for SamenGezond

General Terms and Conditions SamenGezond (In Dutch)

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