Premiums  2018

Health insurance premium

Below an overview is given of our monthly premiums for 2018. Are you entitled to a discount on your premium? This may apply when, for example, you have taken out group insurance through your employer. This discount will then be deducted from the displayed premium.


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Monthly Basic Health Insurance premium

Basic Health Insurance

Childeren up to the age of 18


Menzis Basis Voordelig Basic Health Insurance* free of charge  € 103,00
Menzis Basis free of charge  € 119,00
Menzis Basis Vrij free of charge  € 122,00

There is no entitlement on a premium discount with regard to Menzis Basis Voordelig when you are a member of a group.

Everybody who is 18 or older with Basic Health Insurance has a statutorily required excess of € 385 per year. In addition, you can choose for a voluntary excess of € 500 at most. This will make your premium lower.

More information about the excess

Monthly additional health insurance premium

Additional insurance


Children up to the age of 18


ExtraVerzorgd 1
free of charge
€   6,95
ExtraVerzorgd 2
free of charge
€ 19,95
ExtraVerzorgd 3
free of charge
€ 41,95
JongerenVerzorgd* **
€ 16,95
free of charge
€ 13,95
Extra Aanvullend*
free of charge
€ 22,95
* JongerenVerzorgd, Aanvullend and Extra Aanvullend are combination packages. This means that a number of dental treatments are reimbursed.

** Co-insured children up to the age of 18 receive ExtraVerzorgd 2 free of charge

Monthly dental insurance premium

Dental insurances

0 to 9 years of age

10 to 17 years of age

From 18 years of age

TandVerzorgd 250
N/A  N/A
€ 11,50
TandVerzorgd 500
€ 17,95
TandVerzorgd 750
free of charge
€ 15,00  € 41,95
TandVerzorgd 1P
€   6,95
Children up to the age of 18 are only entitled to be covered by TandVerzorgd 750.

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