Switching to Menzis

Everyone is welcome at Menzis

Do you want to become a Menzis customer? We are more than glad to have you!

When can you switch?

Have you cancelled your health insurance yourself before 31 December? You can apply for health insurance with us until 31 January. Your insurance will then start on 1 January.
Sometimes you can also switch during the year.

Download the health insurance application form

Calculate your premium or apply for your insurance
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What do I need to switch?

Switching is easy. You need the following:

  • The Citizen Service Number (in Dutch: "burgerservicenummer" or "BSN") of all people whom you want to insure. See your passport or ID card for this information.
  • A group insurance scheme number if group insurance is an option. If you take out your health insurance online, you can find this number easily.
  • the choice for your package. Have you not yet made a choice? Read the information at Package Advice.
  • the company through which your insurance currently runs. We will, subsequently, cancel your current health insurance for you.

Switching is very easy online. You can also call the Menzis SwitchCoach

For peace of mind: policy cooling-off period

If you are not satisfied with the insurance, you can cancel within 14 days after having received the health insurance policy document. The period of 14 days is called the "policy cooling-off period".

Obligation to insure

You can insure yourself for medically required care through Basic Health Insurance. Taking out Basic Health Insurance is required by law.

If you need to insure yourself, we recommend submitting an application as soon as possible:

  • If we receive your application within 4 months after you must insure yourself, you will still be registered with retroactive effect. You will then also be entitled to any reimbursements for healthcare costs over this period.
  • If we receive the application later, you will be registered as from the date on which we received your application. You will then not be entitled to be reimbursed for any healthcare costs over the past 4 months.

You can only take out additional insurance with Menzis when you take Basic Health Insurance too.

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