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At the Menzis Leefkracht collective, everyone is welcome

We have already selected the Menzis Leefkracht collective for you. You will receive an immediate discount and get more out of your health insurance. Learn more about Leefkracht (in Dutch only).

Leefkracht Collectief


  • 5% on the additional (dental) insurances: ExtraVerzorgd, JongerenVerzorgd and TandVerzorgd
  • Benefit free of charge from interesting extras, including discount on prescription glasses, discount on a bicycle and a health check

Menzis Leefkracht collectief is for everybody. You do not need to be a member of anything or enter into an obligation in some other way. You will also receive an additional benefit if you participate in the SamenGezond health programme. If you would prefer to choose a different group health insurance package, you can change your choice here.

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