Deductible in instalments

Sometimes you have to pay your deductible at once. For example, if you have a lot of healthcare costs. This can be inconvenient. In that case it may be useful to pay in advance in instalments.

Spread payment | in short

The compulsory deductible will remain € 385 in 2022. Do you expect to use most or all of your deductible that year? Would you like to spread the payment? This is possible with Menzis. 

You can choose to pay the compulsory deductible in 10 instalments. Once you have registered, you will receive a confirmation in My Menzis.

What happens if you do not use the deductible in 2022, or only partially? Then you will automatically receive a refund of the deductible in the spring of 2023. 

Please note: are you already paying the deductible in instalments? Then this will be extended automatically for 2021. If you do not want this, you can adjust it in My Menzis (in Dutch only) or contact our customer service

How it works

  • You pay the compulsory deductible of € 385 in 10 instalments in advance.
  • You will also pay if you have not yet incurred any healthcare costs.
  • What you pay too much, you will get back in May of the following year. 

Please note: terms and conditions for spread payment

  • Are you unable to pay your premium, deductible or personal contribution? Then apply for a payment plan. A payment plan is not the same as paying the deductible in instalments. 
  • Do you have a voluntary higher deductible? Then you cannot pay in instalments. 
  • There are terms and conditions. For example, you will need and e-mail address, because we will send you a message when you can find the confirmation of the spread payment and statement in My Menzis. 
  • What terms and conditions must I meet? 

    • You applied before 27 January in the year of participation.
    • The policyholder may apply for this arrangement for themselves and/or family members from the age of 18 who are insured under their policy.
    • You agree to pay by direct debit in 10 instalments, from February to November. 
    • You will receive the final invoice in the second quarter of the year following the year of participation. In the event of a premature termination of the arrangement, you will receive the final invoice immediately. 
    • Invoices from care providers who fall under your compulsory deductible and who come to Menzis after the arrangement ended,  will be charged outside the arrangement.
    • You do not have a voluntary deductible in addition to the compulsory deductible. 
    • You do not have a Municipality Garant package with reinsured deductible. 
    • Menzis terminates the arrangement for spread payment of the compulsory deductible when: 
      • You do not pay in time
      • You switch to a different insurer, for example by getting a different employer
      • The policy ends, for example, due to a passing or divorce

When will the direct debit take place?

Collection date in 2022

  1. Monday 5 February
  2. Friday 4 March
  3. Monday 4 April
  4. Wednesday 4 May
  5. Tuesday 7 June
  6. Monday 4 July
  7. Thurday 4 August
  8. Monday 5 September
  9. Tuesday 4 October
  10. Friday 4 November


Final invoice

You will receive an e-mail from us as soon as the final invoice has been drawn up. From that moment on, your final invoice can be found in My Menzis (in Dutch only). 

If you have any money due from us, we will transfer it to your account within 3 weeks. You will only see the care costs for yourself and co-insured children up to the age of 16. For reasons of privacy, the co-insured must sign in to My Menzis themselves.