How do I apply for a payment plan?

Are you unable to pay your premium, deductible or personal contribution on time? For unpaid invoices you can request a payment plan via My Menzis or the Menzis app (in Dutch only).

For unpaid bills, you can request a payment plan using My Menzis or the Menzis app (in Dutch only), via the tile 'Mijn geldzaken'. 

Payment plan in short

  • For your premium or invoices of the deductible or personal contribution
  • Pay a fixed monthly amount
  • From an amount of € 50 or a total of multiple invoices
  • You choose the desired collection date 
  • We do not charge interest or administration costs

Request a payment plan


Steps to your payment plan | How do you pay now?

Example 1

Sophie had an accident. She was taken to hospital by ambulance. After examination she only appeared to have a slight concussion. That same evening she was allowed to go home again. 

Last week Sophie received an invoice from Menzis. Ambulance transport is covered by Menzis, but she has to pay € 180 deductible. Sophie would like to apply for a payment plan so she can pay the unpaid invoice with a fixed amount per month.

With this payment plan Sophie pays € 180 back in 6 months. This means she will pay € 30 per month. This amount is in addition to her montly premium. 



Example 2

Because Ben became unemployed 2 months ago, he has not been able to pay the premium for his family. The payment arrears have risen to € 450. Ben now has a job in sight again, but he would like to pay the outstanding amount in instalments.

With a payment plan Ben can spread the amount over 8 months. This means he has to pay at least € 50 per month. When applying for the payment plan using My Menzis, Ben chooses a repayment amount of € 60 per month. This amount is in addition to his family's monthly care allowance. 

Paying your deductible in instalments

Did you know that you can also pay the deductible in 10 instalments? This can be helpful if you expect to consume most or all of the deductible. With paying in instalments, you avoid having to pay the deductible at once. 

Please note: Are you already paying the deductible in instalments? Then the plan is automatically extended.