Are you receiving care from the Basic insurance? Then you pay the first part of your healthcare costs yourself. This is the deductible. Because everyone contributes part of the healthcare costs, the premium of the insurance can remain lower.

Good to know

  • The government determines the amount of the deductible. In 2024 it remains € 385.

  • The deductible only applies to care within the Basic health insurance. 

  • Everyone aged 18 and over pays deductible. 

  • You can also choose for a voluntary deductible. In that case you pay less premium. 

Sometimes you do not pay any excess. This applies, for example, to the general practioner and maternity care.

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About the deductible

Everyone over the age of 18 has a compulsory deductible of € 385. This means you pay the first € 385 of healthcare costs within the Basic health insurance yourself. The deductible applies to most of the care within the Basic health insurance, such as: 

  • Hospital care
  • Medication
  • Blood tests

If you have used up your deductible, you will receive full compensation as determined by law.

Pay your deductible

Are you receiving care for which you have to pay the deductible? Then we can settle the payment of the deductible in two ways. 

1. Are you going to a contracted care provider? 

Then we get the invoice directly from the care provider. We pay the full amount so you do not have to pay anything in advance. You will then receive an invoice from us for the deductible that you still have to pay. 

2. Are you going to a care provider without contract with Menzis? 

Then you will receive the invoice from the care provider. You will then submit the claim to us. 

How does contracted and non-contracted care work? 

The Care finder (in Dutch only) shows you the contracted care providers.

Pay your deductible in instalments

You can pay your compulsory deductible in 10 montly instalments. Applying for the following year is possible as of Prinsjesdag (third Tuesday of September). 

Are you already paying your deductible in instalments? And do you still meet the conditions?

Then you do not have to do anything. Your arrangement is automatically extended. 

More about paying in instalments

How much deductible have I already paid?

Would you like to know how things stand with your deductible? You can check this easily and quickly using My Menzis (in Dutch only). Or contact our customer service

Go to My Menzis (in Dutch only)

You can also choose a voluntary deductible

This is in additon to your compulsory deductible of € 385. You can opt for a higher deductible up to € 885. This can be interesting if you expect low healthcare costs. With a voluntary deductible you will receive a discount up to a maximum of € 20 on the premium. 

Table voluntary deductible 2021