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Care can be complicated. Fortunately, we have a quick answer to most questions. You can also arrange a lot yourself via Mijn Menzis (in Dutch only). We are happy to help you.

Frequently asked questions

Check out the most frequently asked questions below. Is your question not listed? Ask it in the chatbot or contact us via one of the other channels. 

  • When will my new health insurance take effect?

    In most cases your insurance starts on 1 January of the following year. 

    If you are co-insured (registered with someone else's policy), you may choose to apply for your own insurance throughout the year. For example, when you turn 18. In that case, your insurance starts on the first day of the following month. 

  • How can I register or cancel my insurance? 

    You can apply for/cancel your insurance in several ways. 

    Do you want to apply for a health insurance with Menzis? 

    We would like to welcome you! If you like to arrange things yourself, then apply for your insurance online. Do you prefer to speak to an employee? Call with the Menzis switch coach (see contact details below). 

    Do you want to cancel your health insurance with Menzis? 

    We are happy to have you as our customer. And we find it important that you remain satisfied with us. Has your care situation changed and are you looking for an (additional) insurance that suits you better? We like to think along with you. Please contact our customer service (see contact details below).

    We have made an overview with all there is to know about canceling your insurance with Menzis. 


  • What is the deductible?

    Do you receive care from the Basic health insurance? Then you pay the first part of the care costs yourself. This is called deductible (eigen risico). Because everyone contributes a part of the health care costs, the insurance premium can remain lower. 

  • Which bills do I still have to pay?

    An overview of your outstanding bills can be found under 'mijn rekeningen' in My Menzis (in Dutch only). 

    Are you paying the deductible/personal contribution by direct debit? 

    Then you will receive a message from us 2 weeks before the direct debit. In the advance notice you will see the amount and when we will debit it from you bank account. You will find the specification in your message box of My Menzis. 

    If you pay your premium by direct debit, you will not receive a advance notice. 

    Are you paying with (digital) giro slip? 

    You will receive the digital giro slip by e-mail. Via the e-mail and My Menzis you can pay the invoice with iDEAL. All our giro collection forms and reminders state the date by which you must have paid. 

  • What is covered for physiotherapy?

    In My Menzis (in Dutch only) you will find how many treatments you have had and still have available. If you are entitled to coverage, what is covered and where you can go, can be found in the reimbursement guide

I want to contact Menzis

We are at your service in several ways. We do not share personal information via chat, Whatsapp and social media due to privacy legislation (AVG). 

  • Call customer service

    088 - 222 40 40

    Questions about your health insurance or modify your plan? 

    8.00 - 20.00
    8.00 - 18.00
  • Social media


    Due to privacy legislation (AVG), we do not provide information about care consumption or incurred costs via social media. 

  • Chat with us

    Talk directly to an employee? Please visit our Dutch website to start a conversation by chat. 

  • Mailing address

    Postbus 75000
    7500 KC Enschede

  • E-mail

    You cannot reach us via e-mail. Please contact us in another way. 

Do you have a complaint? 

Are you less satisfied with your experience with Menzis? Please contact our customer service. We take every complaint seriously and are happy to resolve them. 

Press and media

Are you a journalist or working in the media? And are you looking for contact with Menzis? Please do not hesitate to contact our spokespersons, they are at your service.

Forms and documents

Are you looking for a claim form? Or would you like to see reimbursement guides? We have gathered all forms and documents. You will find them in the overview