Find a care provider

Looking for care? With the Care finder (in Dutch only) you can easily search for a care provider that has a contract with us. Find a GP, hospital, dentist, pharmacy, psychologist, physiotherapist or other care provider in your area.

Contracted care in the area

In the Menzis Carefinder you can find contracted care providers. These are the care providers with whom we have made agreements. We have registered the following information in the Carefinder: 

  • contact details and opening hours
  • waiting times
  • contracted treatments 
  • patient reviews
  • information about the quality of the treatments

Difference between contracted and non-contracted care

Are you going to a healthcare provider that has a contract with us? That has advantages:

  • Agreements have been made about the quality and waiting times of care

  • The care provider adheres to the price agreements made with us

  • The invoice goes directly to us, you don't have to pay in advance

Do you have Menzis Basis or Menzis Basis Voordelig? And are you going to a care provider that does not have a contract with us? Then you pay the invoice to the care provider and submit a claim with us. It is possible that you will not be reimbursed for everything. This is the case if the care provider charges more than what is normal in the Netherlands. How much you will be reimbursed with a non-contracted care provider depends on your basic health insurance. 

Compare the quality of hospitals

The Carefinder can do a lot more: like comparing the quality of hospitals. The Carefinder shows how hospitals perform in regards to the 30 most common treatments. This way you can make a good choice. 

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