Personal contribution

Some healthcare costs are subject to a personal contribution: this is the part you have to pay. That amount also affects the deductible. You can see how it works in the calculation examples.


The personal contribution is something different than the deductible. Everyone over the age of 18 has a deductible of € 385. This means you pay the first € 385 of your healthcare costs that fall under the Basic health insurance. 

Personal contribution

In addition, certain coverage within the Basic health insurance are subject to a statutory personal contribution. The costs up to a fixed amount per year are for you. 

For example: Seated transport is subject to a personal contribution. If you submit a claim for transport costs, you will pay the first € 108 yourself in 2021. That is the personal contribution. You will then pay a further € 385 if you have not yet paid the deductible in full. 

The personal contribution...

  • Applies to all ages

  • Is paid for both care within the Basic health insurance and additional insurance

  • Is covered by some additional insurances


You pay a personal contribution for, among others: 
  • maternity care
  • assistance devices, such as a hearing aid
  • some medicines


Suppose you use seated transport, which costs € 200. Suppose the personal contribution for this is € 100. That is the amount you have to pay yourself.

The amount that remains: € 200 - € 100 = € 100. This amount falls within the deductible of € 385, which means you have to pay the € 100 yourself. 

You will then be left with a deductible of € 385 - € 100 = € 285. The next time you incur healthcare costs within the Basic health insurance, you will pay the € 285 deductible.

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