Payment details

You pay a premium for your insurance, sometimes a deductible and personal contribution. Let us explain how and when you pay these amounts.

How do I change the way I pay?

You can easily change your method of payment or update your account number online using My Menzis (in Dutch only). 

Update payment details

Do you have a foreign account number or trouble understanding Dutch? Contact our customer service

When do I pay my premium?

  • Payment per month. You pay your premium around the 29th of the month for the following month. 
  • Payment per quarter. Your payments will be debited on 10 January, 30 March, 29 June or 29 September. 
  • Payment per half year. We collect on 10 January and 29 June. 
  • Payment per year. The annual payment will be debited on 8 January. 

How can I pay?

Other payment information