Submit a claim

How do you reclaim your healthcare costs? You can easily submit a claim via My Menzis, the Menzis app or by post. Here you can find out how to do this and where to go.

I've been to a care provider

At Menzis we offer several convenient ways to submit your invoices and reclaim your costs. Online via My Menzis, in our app, and of course still by post. Before reclaiming your healthcare costs, it is useful to look at the following information. This way you avoid disappointment or a delay. 

  • Can I submit the invoice I received?

    • You pay the invoice of the care provider and reclaim the costs with us. 
    • Does the invoice concern the deductible? Then you will have to pay the deductible yourself. 
    • Have you been to a care provider that does not have a contract with us? We will then cover part of the invoice or nothing at all.
  • What conditions does my claim have to meet?

    It is important that all photos or scans of your invoices are clearly readable. We will then be able to asses your claim as soon as possible. Please check this before submitting your claim. 

    Will you scan the invoice? Make sure you have a resolution of 200 dpi or more and always use colour. 

    • Submitting a claim via the Menzis app (in Dutch only) is very easy. Take a good photo of your invoice or attach a pdf to your claim with your mobile phone. 
    • Do you want to submit your claim via My Menzis (in Dutch only)? Make sure you have a good photo of your invoice, a digital invoice or a readable scan.
    • If you submit your claim by post, please include the original invoice. Do not forget to make a copy or take a photo of the invoice for your own administration. 

I want to submit a claim

Submitting a claim is fast and easy online through My Menzis or the app. With these two possibilities you can follow the progress of your claim. 

Some claims can only be submitted by post, such as foreign invoices. You will not receive a confirmation of receipt. 

Please note! 

We can only process your claim if the following information is on the invoice: 

  • Policyholder number

  • Name, address and date of birth

  • Description and date of treatment
  • Details of your care provider
  • 1. With the app

    With the Menzis app (in Dutch only) you can submit your claim by taking a picture of your original invoice. In addition, you will always have an overview of your claims. You can submit your claim in 3 easy steps: 

    1. Enter the invoice number. 
    2. Add a photo or pdf of your invoice.
    3. Send your claim. 

    Menzis app for iOS (Apple)

    The Menzis app is compatible with iOS 11 or higher and is compatible with iPhone and iPad.

    Menzis app for Android

    The Menzis app is compatible with Android 6.0 or higher.

  • 2. Through My Menzis

    You can also submit your claims using My Menzis (in Ducht only). Do you have a DigiD? Then you can sign in immediately. 

    Step 1 - Sign in to My Menzis
    • Sign in. 
    • Click on 'Mijn zorgkosten' (My care costs) in the menu. 
    • Then click on 'Declaratie indienen' (Submit claim) in the menu. 
    • Fill in some details about the invoice. 
    Step 2 - Upload a clear picture or scan of the original invoice

    Would you like to submit multiple invoices at once? First fill in all the information for one invoice. Then click on 'Nota toevoegen' (Add invoice). All attachments of one invoice may not exceed 2 MB. Scanned invoices at a maximum of 300 dpi. Otherwise the files are too large. 

    Are you claiming travel expenses? Take a clear picture or scan of: 

    • the appointment card
    • the transport receipts / invoices
    • the authorisation required for claiming travel expenses


    Step 3 - Check the readability

    Always check whether the pictures or scans of your invoices are readable. This allows us to process your claim as quickly as possible. 


    Step 4 - Confirmation of receipt

    Did Menzis receive your claim? 

    • You will receive a confirmation by e-mail. 
    • We will look at your claim. 
    • You will receive an e-mail when we are done with this. 
    • You can check in My Menzis (in Dutch only) whether your claim has been approved or rejected (and why). 
    • Do we approve your claim? Then we will transfer the amount to your bank account. 


  • 3. By post

    You can still submit your claim by post. Make sure you

    • state your policyholder number in the upper right corner of the original invoice
    • make a copy for your own administration
    • send your invoice in an envelope with a stamp to: 

    Postbus 75000
    7500 KC Enschede

    You do not need a claim form. 

    Claim healthcare costs outside the Netherlands

    Claims concerning healthcare costs abroad must be submitted with a claim form

What happens with my claim? 

You have submitted a claim. Then, of course, you want to know what happens next. In My Menzis (in Dutch only) at 'Mijn Declaraties' (My Claims) you can follow how far we have progressed with your claim. You will also receive an e-mail when we have finished. 

  • What happens with my claim?

    Your claim goes through a few steps before you receive approval or a rejection. 

    1. We check whether the care is fully insured. We will deduct the uninsured part from the coverage. 
    2. We look at your care provider. Do they have a contract with us? If not, you will pay part of the healthcare costs yourself. 
    3. In addition, some care is subject to a personal contribution or voluntary deductible. This will affect your coverage. 
    4. After these steps you will receive our answer. We either approve or reject your claim. 
  • Why is my claim rejected?

    You submit an invoice that you have received from your care provider. This does not automatically mean that we cover the amount in full. First check what is covered by looking in the reimbursement guide. Would you like to avoid a rejection of your claim? Then check the following first: 

    1. Does your policy cover the care that you want to claim? Or do you need an additional insurance for that? 
    2. Perhaps there is a maximum coverage or you will only receive part of the amount according to our terms and conditions. Please check this in advance
    3. You might have to pay a deductible or personal contribution. This will be deducted from any coverage.