My Menzis

My Menzis (Mijn Menzis) shows your personal details of your insurance. Looking for an overview of your healtcare costs or claims? Want to submit a claim or change your personal details? Safely login to My Menzis to arrange things fast and easy (in Dutch only).

In Dutch

In My Menzis you can easily and securely view and manage your own insurance details 24 hours a day.

At this moment My menzis is only available in Dutch. Please contact our customer service if you do not understand Dutch. Our service agents are happy to help you. 

Contact customer service

Safely sign in

We are renewing My Menzis. The login page is the first step. That is why this page looks different than before. Signing in is still safe. You can see this when you click on the lock in the address bar on the login page of My Menzis. This shows that the site is secured.  


There are 3 ways to sign in

  • Sign in with QR code in Menzis app

    • Download the app for iOS (Apple) or Android
    • Go to My Menzis on your computer and choose the login option QR code
    • Sign in to the app with a 5 digit code or fingerprint
    • Click on the sign of the scanner (top left in the blue bar)
    • Aim your camera at the QR code on your computerscreen
    • The app scans the code and you are signed in immediately
    • The app will ask you to sign off

    If you are using the Menzis app for the first time you have to register the app with DigiD and choose your sign in method: a 5 digit PIN code, your fingerprint or FaceID. After that you do not need DigiD to sign in to My Menzis using the app or QR scan. 

  • Sign in with the DigiD app

    • Download the app for iOS (Apple) or Android
    • To use the app, activate it once with an SMS check
    • Go to My Menzis and choose the option 'ik wil inloggen met de DigiD app'
    • Enter your DigiD username
    • Open the DigiD app and scan the QR code
    • Enter the PIN code
    • You are now signed in

    Don't have an SMS check? Then request this at DigiD

  • Sign in with SMS check

    • Go to My Menzis and choose the option 'inloggen met uw DigiD'
    • Choose 'Ik wil inloggen met gebruikersnaam en wachtwoord'
    • Enter your details
    • Click on 'Ik wil inloggen met een controle via sms'
    • Fill in your username and password
    • Enter the code that you receive via SMS
    • You are now signed in

    Don't have SMS check? Then request this at DigiD

Good to know

  • You cannot view healthcare costs of other insured persons on the policy who are 16 or older. The government has determined this in its privacy legislation. These insured persons can, however, sign in to My Menzis themselves.
  • If you live abroad, you cannot apply for a DigiD.