Discount with a collective

A collective insurance is an insurance for a group of people. As a group you receive discount on your premium and extra coverage.

At Menzis we offer collective insurance through different employers, membership organization, the ‘Menzis Leefkracht’ collective and through different municipalities. 

What are the benefits?

  • You receive a discount on the insurances Menzis Basis and Menzis Basis Vrij. The discount does not apply to Menzis Basis Voordelig. 
  • You also receive discount on your additional and dental insurances. 
  • The discount percentage depends on the agreements your collective has made with Menzis. 

Choose which collective insurance best suits your situation. 

Through your employer

We have agreements with different employers. With a collective insurances through your employer you will receive discount on your premium and better coverage. Also family members benefit from collective insurance.

Find your collective

Menzis Leefkracht collective | a collective for everyone

Everyone can apply for Menzis Leefkracht collective. With this collective insurance you receive 5% discount on the premium of Menzis Basis and Menzis Basis Vrij. You also receive 7% discount on the premium of the additional and dental insurances ExtraVerzorgd, TandVerzorgd and JongerenVerzorgd. 

Discover Leefkracht collective

Combine Menzis Leefkracht collective with Menzis SamenGezond and 

  • save up to € 60 discount on your additional (dental) insurance

  • receive a free personal health check once a year 

  • ask the Menzis Leefkracht advisor all your lifestyle questions

  • receive a free nutritional advice once a year

  • get 3 yoga classes for 250 SamenGezond loyalty points


Through your municipality

We work together with various municipalities. You can check if we also work with your municipality via the website (in Dutch only). This collective is especially suitable if you have a lower income or high healthcare costs due to chronic illness or other limitations. 

Check your municipality

Through consumer collective PMA

PMA is the largest provider of (collective) insurance and discount plans. PMA stands for 'Positive Mental Attitude'. Menzis has been working with PMA for more than 20 years. 

You can apply for a PMA insurance via their website (in Dutch only) or the website of Menzis. You will pay your premium to Menzis. We cover your claims and provide the service. 

  • Receive 5% discount on the premium of Menzis Basis and Menzis Basis Vrij
  • Receive 7% discount on the premium of the additional and dental insurances
  • Exclusive benefits if you combine PMA collective with SamenGezond

Calculate premium with PMA

  • Everyone is welcome

We do not select based on health or age

  • Ability to visit any Dutch hospital

Check the Care finder to see the agreements we made with each hospital

  • Waiting time for a treatment? 

We check which care provider can see you asap