Care and coverage

Do you have an illness or disorder? Whether you have just been diagnosed, are being treated, are recovering or perhaps not getting any better: we will give you all the answers about your care and coverage.

Care advice: your guide in care

Are you diagnosed with an illness or condition? Then you probably have many questions and uncertainties. We will help you find reliable and complete information. Through our Dutch website you can see what care is available, what is covered and we give you tips on the best way to live with or after your illness (in Dutch only).

You can also find the wide-ranging cover of care and treatments our health insurance offers you in our English Reimbursement Guides

All there is to know about:

  • Waiting list mediation

    Do you have to wait long for a treatment? Then we will look for a hospital which can help you sooner. On average, we reduce the waiting time by 48 days. Waiting list mediation is free of charge and never at the expense of other patients. 

  • The Care finder

    Do you need care? With the Care finder (in Dutch only) you can easily find a care provider with whom we have a contract. For instance, a GP, hospital, dentist, pharmacy, psychologist, physiotherapist or other care provider in your area. 

    Learn more about the Care finder

  • Senior service

    Do you have questions about medical aids, district nursing or informal care? We will sort it out for you. Free of charge. It does not matter whether it concerns you or someone else. 

    You can call our senior service via 088-222 40 40 with questions such as: 

    • What should I do if I need a walker? 
    • I have difficulty walking and need transport and community care. Where should I go? 
    • I can no longer live independently. Do I qualify for long-term care in a nursing home?  
  • Terms and conditions

    Some care is included in the basic health insurance and covered for everyone. But when are you entitled to coverage? There are a few conditions. 

    Read the terms and conditions