The arrival and spread of the coronavirus in the Netherlands has major consequences for everyone. We can imagine that you have questions. This page contains frequently asked questions and answers about the coronavirus and your health insurance.

COVID-19 and your coverage

  • Does my health insurance cover the costs for testing and/or treatment of COVID-19?  

    Everyone with mild symptoms that may indicate coronavirus can be tested at the GGD since 1 June 2020. You do not have to pay the costs for this test. No deductible either. Appointments for testing at a GGD in your area can be made online or by calling 0800-1202. 

    Testing for COVID-19 before going abroad without having symptoms

    Are you going on a holiday or trip abroad? Do you have to test for COVID-19 to prove that you are not infected, even when you do not have any symptoms? Then we will not cover the costs of the test. Preventive testing for a holiday or trip abroad is not covered by our health insurances. 

    Care worker: testing for COVID-19 on behalf of my employer

    Are you being tested for a corona infection on behalf of your healtcare employer? Then an occupational health physician or the GGD doctor will apply for the test. You do not have to pay anything for this test. No deductible either. This applies to both employees and freelancers working in healthcare. 

    Testing for COVID-19 at my general practitioner (GP)

    Are you going to see a GP? If so, the care will be covered by your Basic health insurance. You do not have to pay any excess for a visit to the GP. Even if the GP tests you for coronavirus and has it analysed by a recognised laboratory, you do not have to pay for the test. No deductible either. The laboratory will submit a claim for the costs at the GGD. 

    Testing for COVID-19 during my stay in hospital or prior to admission

    Are you staying at a hospital or (GGZ)institution and do you need to be tested? Or do you need to get tested prior to admission? If so, the hospital or (GGZ)institution will apply for the the test. Your Menzis Basic health insurance will cover these costs. However, you do have to pay a deductible. 

    COVID-19 treatment in hospital

    Are you going to the hospital to get treated for COVID-19? Your Menzis Basic health insurance will cover the costs. However, you do have to pay a deductible for hospital care. 

  • Does my health insurance cover the costs of face masks?

    No, our Basic health insurances and additional insurances do not cover the costs of face masks.

  • Does my health insurance cover physiotherapy for COVID-19 patients?  

    The government has decided to temporarily extend the cover of recovery care for seriously ill COVID-19 patients within the Basic health insurance. The extended coverage applies to patients who have been in the ICU, patients who have been treated in nursing wards or patients who have been seriously ill at home. This regulation applies from 18 July 2020 to 1 August 2021 and entitles patients to the following care: 

    • A maximum of 50 remedial or physiotherapy treatments
    • A maximum of 10 hours occupational therapy
    • A maximum of 7 hours dietetics

    The following conditions apply in order to qualify for this care

    • A referral by a GP or medical specialist is required. 
    • The first treatment should take place within one month of referral. 
    • Participation in a national COVID-19 examination by the caregiver and patient is required. 
    • The claim is valid for 6 months. 
    • This period may be extended if a medical specialist considers this necessary. The patient will then once again be entitled to 6 months of care. 
  • I urgently need care. Can I go to a hospital or GP?

    Yes, you can contact your GP or the hospital's emergency room in case of urgent care. The availability of care providers for regular care currently depends on the amount of COVID-19 patients.

    We do advice you to not wait to make an appointment. Hospitals and GPs take all kinds of meaures to ensure your safety. Always call your GP if you need urgent care or have any questions. 

COVID-19, your premium and claims

  • I receive less or no care at all due to COVID-19. Will my premium be adjusted?

    Some health care providers postpone appointments, work less or are unable to work due to the measures. They only deal with emergencies or work online. That is why you might receive less care or in a different way. This can be very inconvenient, for both you and the practitioner. However, we cannot adjust your premium. 

    In our healthcare system we all take care of each other. With your premium you contribute to the care for others, like other people contribute to your care. This also applies to the care for people with COVID-19. Because everyone in the Netherlands pays a premium, care for COVID-19 patients, among other things, can be paid for. 

    The premium you pay also contributes to other care, such as (emergency) care, now and in the future. And it supports care providers who are unable to provide any or less care at the moment. This way we ensure that health care providers do not go bankrupt and care remains available when the measures are over. 

    That is why your premium will not be adjusted. Even if you are temporarily unable to receive care or do not need care. 

  • Will it take longer for my claims to be paid?

    You can easily submit a claim online using the Menzis app or My Menzis (in Dutch only). This is the quickest way.

    In line with RIVM guidelines, our employees work mostly from home. Therefore, the mail we receive at our offices by post is taking longer to proces. If you submit your claim by post, you may have to wait longer to receive yor payment. We apologise for any inconvenience. We will do our best to process your claim as quickly as possible. 

    DigiD required for using the Menzis app

    You need the DigiD app or DigiD with SMS verification to open the Menzis app. This way we protect your data. Are you not yet using the DigiD app or SMS verification? You can find more information on the DigiD website

  • I am afraid that I will not be able to pay my premium. What can I do?  

    These are uncertain times. Are you unable to pay the premium for your health insurance, deductible or personal contribution on time? We are happy to help you. You can apply for a payment plan using My Menzis (Dutch only). Read more about the terms and conditions. 

  • My dentist charges € 4,26 extra for my appointment. Is that allowed?  

    Oral care providers, such as dental hygienists, dentists and orthodontists, may temporarily (1 August 2020 till 1 November 2020) charge a surcharge of € 4,26 per patient. Claims can be submitted from mid-August for patient-related additional costs due to COVID-19. 

    There are several reasosn for this surcharge. For example, oral care providers spend more money on personal protective materials, such as face masks, which they have to discard after each patient (or family). Next to that, dentists sometimes make patients rinse with diluted hydrogen peroxide to prevent dispersion, and in some treatments they have to perform more surgical procedures as a precaution, which means they spend more time per patient.

    Did you get a surcharge? If you have a dental insurance these costs will be covered according to your policy (usually 80% coverage). It does count towards your maximum coverage per year. If you already exceeded the maximum coverage, you will have to pay the surcharge yourself. 

    Orthodontists may also charge this amount. Orthodontics for children up to the age of 18, is not covered within the Basic health insurance, but within the dental insurance. Again, the surcharge will count towards your maximum coverage per year. If you already exceeded the maximum coverage, you will have to pay the surcharge yourself. 


COVID-19 abroad

  • I am abroad and need to be treated for COVID-10. Does my insurance cover this?

    In the event of necessary medical treatment abroad, the costs are covered by your health insurance. Good to know: the Basic health insurance will cover at most the costs that are customary in the Netherlands. When a treatment in the Netherlands costs € 1500, a similar treatment abroad will be covered up to a mximum of € 1500. 

    With an additional health insurance or travel insurance you might be able to insure additional medical expenses. We advise you to take a good look at his before you travel. 

    The following costs will not be covered by your health insurance: 

    • Extra costs for accommodation when you have to stay longer abroad due to the COVID-19 measures in the country. 
    • Transport costs for repatriation to the Netherlands. 

    Usually you can turn to your travel insurance company for these costs. 

  • Will emergency care be covered in case of a negative travel advice? 

    A negative travel advice will not affect coverage for emergency care abroad. 

  • How do I obtain an insurance declaration stating that I am insured, including for treatment of COVID-19?

    Some countries or travel agents request an insurance statement. This statement must state, among other things, that you are insured for the costs of a COVID-19 treatment. 

    You can apply for this English statement via My Menzis (in Dutch only). 

    • After logging in, click on 'mijn zorgverzekering' (my healthcare insurance). 
    • At 'zelf regelen' (arrange it yourself) you will find the option 'verzekeringsdocument voor het buitenland aanvragen' (apply for an insurance statement abroad). 
    • After you applied, you will receive a confirmation by e-mail. You can then find the statement in your message box in Mijn Menzis. 
    • You can download the insurance statement and if necessary print it. 

    When you apply during office hours, your statement will be available within a few hours after your application. During the weekend, your statement will be ready on Monday. 

Current information

For current information and answers regarding COVID-19, please visit the website of the Dutch government and RIVM

How we support healthcare

Healthcare organisations and care providers are doing everything in their power to ensure that everyone receives the necessary care on time. Menzis helps them by, among other things, providing financial support. In order to make sure that good and accessible care will be available for everyone, now and in the future.  


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