Payment arrangement

How to request a payment arrangement

You might have a temporary setback and find it difficult to pay for your insurance. When you are late with your payment, it doesn't feel good. Fortunately, it's not an immediate problem. You can pay now, pay the reminder or make a payment arrangement. If you don't pay for a longer period of time, there are important consequences.   

Trouble paying

We are happy to help you if you are in a tight spot moneywise. Can't pay directly? Then we recommend a payment arrangement. Do you prefer to pay your deductible excess spread over the year? Request this in time. 

Can't pay your bill at once? With a payment arrangement we always come to an agreement. 

  • Settle unpaid bills with a fied amount per month
  • This can be done from an amount of € 50,-

You can easily request a payment arrangement using My Menzis (in Dutch only). Go to the menu 'Payment arrangement'. You can also apply for the arrangement using the Menzis app via 'Mijn geldzaken' (in Dutch only). 

Debt relief

Are you in debt relief? Then you cannot apply for a payment arrangement using My Menzis or the Menzis app. Please contact our customer service to discuss the possibilities. 

After Prinsjesdag (the King' speech on the third Tuesday of September) you can request payment of your deductible excess for the following year in instalments using My Menzis. Would you like to receive a notification from us when you can sign up again? You can indicate this in My Menzis. 

  • You pay the obligatory deductible excess in 10 equal parts of € 38,50 per month
  • We automatically collect every 4th of the month, from February to November

Do you currently pay your deductible excess in instalments? And do you still meet the conditions? Then your arrangement will automatically be extended next year. If your balance is too low and we can't collect a term, you will receive a letter including an acceptance giro with an extra charge of € 2,-. Is it really impossible to collect a term? Then the arrangement stops. 

Late payment

What will happen if you don't pay on time?


Step 1: You will receive a reminder.

Step 2: You will receive a warning. 

Step 3: We want to avoid having to transfer the claim to the bailiff. That is why we want to offer you a payment arrangement. 


Attention: Haven't paid the premium of the Basis health insurance for 6 months or longer? Then we are obliged to report you to the CAK as a non-payer. 

Overview outstanding bills

Are you wondering if you still have outstanding bills? Go to My Menzis (in Dutch only) and find the overview at the tab 'Mijn rekeningen'. Here you can see which bills you have paid and still have to pay.

Check your outstanding bills
  • Do you pay by (digital) acceptance giro? You must pay the premium before the 1st of the following month. 
  • Do you pay by direct debit? We collect the premium on the 29th of each month (exception: 27 February). 
  • Is the 29th durint the weekend? Then we will collect the premium on the first working day after the weekend. 

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