Mandatory and voluntary excesses

Mandatory excess

Everybody who is 18 or older has a mandatory excess with regard to the Basic Health Insurance. The amount of the mandatory excess for 2017 has been set by the government to € 385. The first € 385 in medical expenses are, therefore, paid by yourself. The excess does not apply to additional and dental insurances. Do you not use healthcare services? You will then not pay the excess either.

Insured persons who are younger than 18 do not pay premiums for the Basic Health Insurance. They do not pay an excess either.

Exceptions with regard to the excess

An excess is not payable for the care below: 

  • Care provided by your GP 
  • Obstetric care Maternity care 
  • Medical aids that are issued on loan 
  • Follow-up check-ups for the donor after organ donation 

A lower premium by selecting a voluntary excess

If you are 18 or older, you can also select a voluntary excess of € 100, € 200, € 300, € 400 of € 500 per calendar year in addition to your excess. You will then receive a discount on your premium. The voluntary excess will be added to the amount of your mandatory excess.

Voluntary excess  Premium discount per month Premium discount per year 
€ 100  € 3  € 36
€ 200  € 6  € 72
€ 300   € 9  € 108
€ 400   € 12  € 144 
€ 500   € 20  € 240

Mandatory and voluntary Menzis Basis Voordelig excess

A mandatory excess of € 385 per year also applies to the Menzis Basis Voordelig Basic Health Insurance. You can only choose a voluntary excess of € 500 with this insurance. You will then receive a discount of € 20 a month and your monthly premium will be € 83,00. If you decide to have a voluntary excess of € 0, your monthly premium will be € 103,00. 

Excess settlement

If we pay the medical expenses directly to the care provider, you pay the excess in arrears to Menzis. If you have paid the bill, we will deduct the excess from the reimbursement we make to you. 

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