Menzis Basis Voordelig

Are you expecting to need little care? And don't want to pay too much for your healthcare insurance? Do you arrange your own healthcare issues online and you don't have a problem with visiting selected providers for some treatment? Go for Menzis Basis Voordelig. You will be guaranteed a low premium for reliable and good care. Because when quality is involved, you do not want to make concessions.

How does Menzis Basis Voordelig work?

Menzis Basis Voordelig is a selective contracted care insurance policy:

  • You have extensive choice from good healthcare providers. Do you plan on visiting a care provider who hasn't been contracted by Menzis? You will be reimbursed 65% at most.
  • Your healthcare costs are paid directly to your care provider
  • You can arrange many things yourself online
Via My Menzis you can easily change data or claim an invoice. In addition, you will always use a direct debit and you will receive a digital policy sheet with Menzis Basis Voordelig. This means that your insurance basically looks after itself and all your data will be available online! And should you really not be able to make a decision, our Customer Service will always be there to help.

A mandatory excess of € 385 per year applies to the Menzis Basis Voordelig. In addition, you can choose to have a voluntary excess of € 500. You will then receive a discount of € 20 per month and your monthly premium will be € 83,00. If you choose a voluntary excess of € 0, your monthly premium will be € 103,00.

In addition to a Menzis Basis Voordelig Basic Insurance, you can also take out an additional insurance. You can choose from Aanvullend and Extra Aanvullend. Both are an additional and a dental insurance in one with coverage for physiotherapy, emergency care abroad (world coverage) and a dental insurance (Aanvullend: 80% up to a maximum of € 250 per year, Extra Aanvullend 80% up to a maximum of € 500 per year).

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