Find a care provider

Are you looking for a new GP or dentist? Or do you want to find a specialist for specific treatment? We will be happy to help you finding a care provider.

You will easily and quickly find a care provider with the CareFinder. You can search based on name or type of care. Do you need assistance? The Menzis CareConsultant will be happy to help.

Care providers

All the care providers we have contracted are registered in the CareFinder. The CareFinder updated on a weekly basis. Menzis contracts only good qualified providers.
For some types of care you will only be reimbursed when you go to a contracted or approved care provider.

How does the CareFinder work?

  • Select the type of care that you are looking for,, such as physiotherapy or a menopause consultant;
  • Refine the selection if required (for example, manual therapy);
  • Enter your postal code or town and specify the distance in which you want to find a provider;
  • Next, a list of contracted of approved providers will be displayed.
Finding a care provider yourself
(in Dutch)

Do you need assistance?

Can you not find what you are looking for? Call the Menzis CareConsultant on 088 222 42 42 on working days between 8.30 a.m. and 7 p.m.

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